Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Girls' Generation's lovely SooYoung for 'Llang' cosmetics

Ahead of us are more of SNSD SooYoung's lovely promotional pictures for the cosmetic brand named 'Llang'.

Check out her beautiful photos below~

SNSD's SooYoung met I Got A Boy's SooYoung at Coex Artium

SNSD's SooYoung was out to visit SMTown at the Coex Artium.

Of course she met herself there, and you can check out SooYoung's adorable updates below~

"Soshi cupcakes #COEXAtrium"

"#ItsSyoung #ItsACelebrity #Greeting time #IGotABoy"

Check out f(x) Amber's photo with Kangin and Gongchan

Here's f(x)'s Amber together with her co-hosts from the upcoming season of 'A Song For You'.

Check out her SelCa with Super Junior's Kangin and B1A4's Gongchan~

"AS4U Season 4 MCs!BALLchan, Llama, Strong DudeDone with the first taping!"

SNSD Tiffany's 'PARTY' face is on!

The party with Girls' Generation is set, and here's Tiffany getting her party face ready.

Check out her adorable video update below~

"getting my #PARTY face on"

SNSD's Sunny and her lovely SelCa pictures

It's another pair of adorable selfies from SNSD's Sunny!

Charming fans, you can check out her latest photos below~

"Finally  #snsd #comeback wow!!!! #girlsgeneration #snsd #party #comeback"

"Just #Unpublished"

OST-uesday! (SNSD Sunny)

Oh! it's Tuesday, and it's time for our OST or Official Soundtrack of the week!

For this week's edition, we are featuring the song titled 'Finally Now', the song which SNSD's Sunny sang for the drama titled 'Story of Wine'.

Watch her beautiful performance below~

SNSD members teases fans with photos from their MV Filming

The tease has begun for SNSD's comeback, and TaeYeonTiffany, Yuri, and SooYoung are here with their own version.

Check out the photos from their MV filming~

"TaeYeon: #Summer #SNSD #gg #party"

"Tiffany: #GG #PARTY coming soon"

Girls' Generation releases info and teaser pictures for their single titled 'PARTY'

It's official! Next week is party time with Girls' Generation!!

SNSD has officially announced their comeback with their new single titled 'PARTY' which will include two songs, 'Party' and 'Check'.  'Party' is a dance song that is well-suited for Summer.  The said single will be digitally released on the 7th of July at 10 PM KST, and they will be performing it first on Music Bank on July 10.

Following SNSD's single, they will also be releasing a full album which will have two title tracks, 'Lion Heart' and 'You Think'.  The release date for this album is yet to be revealed.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Three thumbs up from SNSD's TaeYeon!

It's not two but three thumbs up from SNSD's TaeYeon!

Check out her cute and adorable pictures below~

Jessica Jung greets fans with her lovely photo

What time is it? It's time to meet the lovely Jessica Jung!

Check out her latest photo update below~


f(x)'s Luna and her beautiful photos with her twin Sister

f(x)'s Luna who had a pictorial with her twin sister happily shared, "The first shooting with my dear Jinyoung unnie ♥ She would have been tired because of the early shooting .. I was touched by her endless smiling appearance,, Let’s spend 2015 happily being good to our grandma and filial to our parents, I love you."

Along with that was their beautiful photo which you can seel below~


Check out the beautiful SelCas from SNSD's SooYoung

Up for another pictorial for 'Coupang', here's SNSD's SooYoung who shared, "In the middle of shooting for #coupang #CoupangShowroom #FashionShowroom".

Take a look at her beautiful photos below~

Check out Wonder Girls' Lim's beautiful photo with her friend

It's Wonder Girls' Lim together with her designer friend.

Take a look at their beautiful photo below~

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls is set to make a comeback as a band this August.

SNSD had a fun time celebrating SeoHyun's Birthday!

The party continues for Girls' Generation's maknae!

Celebrating SeoHyun's birthday, here's SNSD who posed for a lovely group photo~

"HyoYeon: Seohyun's birthday party yesterday~~~! 
We had a yummy dinner and even went to the noraebang (karaoke)~ 
We had a great time .SeoHyun's #BDayParty #GG"

Check out the pictures from SNSD SeoHyun's Birthday Party

Yesterday was SNSD SeoHyun's birthday and she celebrated it with fans in Korea!

Her birthday party was held at SMTown Theater, and here are some pictures from the special event~

SNSD's Tiffany and her photos with Team Orange, Yuri and Haha!

After watching SNSD's video teaser from 'Running Man', here are more teasers from Tiffany!

Check out her photos with her teammates Yuri and Haha from Team Orange~

"team orange 7/5 #runningman #WHYORANGE?!"

"game face + serious shoes ♥ 7/5 #runningman"

SNSD SeoHyun thanks fans for celebrating her birthday

Thanking fans who celebrated her birthday yesterday, June 28, here's the lovable maknae of SNSD!

Check out SeoHyun's adorable photos where she expressed, "To everyone who greeted me a happy birthday and for coming to seohyun's party yesterday~~Thank you so, so much^^Thanks to you all, it was a really happy day♡ #Seohyunbirthdayparty"~

Girls' Generation will release a 3-part music video for their comeback!

Worth the wait? YES! Waiting for SNSD's comeback is definitely worth it.

They have prepared lots of awesomeness for the fans, and one of those is their music video which will in come three parts. The music videos were all filmed in Thailand, and filming the said MVs was the reason their comeback was moved from may to mid-July.

Stay tuned for more details about SNSD's much-awaited comeback.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

f(x) Luna teases fans with a short dance clip

From her practice session, here's a dance clip from f(x)'s Luna!

It's short, though, so prepare to ask for more~

Check out SNSD Tiffany's photos with Lee Cheol Woo and Friends

It's SNSD's Tiffany together with Lee Cheol Woo and other personalities they met while filming for 'Heart a Tag'.

Take a look at their latest photos below~

SNSD SooYoung's OOTD is a pink suit!

Showcasing her OOTD or outfit of the day is SNSD's SooYoung!

Loving her pink suit and looking beautiful as always, here's her latest photo~

SNSD HyoYeon greets SeoHyun a Happy Birthday

It's HyoYeon's turn to greet SeoHyun on her special day!

Check out their adorable SelCa pictures below where she expressed, "Happy birthday to our maknae seohyun-ah~~~~ #Seohyun #HyoSeo #Bday #sameswimsuit"~

Additionally, here's SeoHyun with her friend named Hanna who also greeted her.

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