Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Check out f(x)'s performances from Live Music's Mini Concert

On September 30, f(x) met fans through Live Music's Mini Concert.

From it, you can now watch their hot performances below~

Watch how the Wonder Girls rock it for their 'Vogue' pictorial

It's time to watch the behind the scenes from Wonder Girls' 'Vogue' pictorial!

Check out how they rock in this next clip~

Wonder Girls' Lim flaunts her lips and nails in her latest selfie

Here's Wonder Girls' Lim showcasing different shades of Red!

Check out her latest selfie below~

Victoria blesses fans with her group pictures feat. other f(x) members

How long has it been since we have seen the girls together like this?

Anyways, here's the wonderful treat from Victoria.  Here are her adorable pictures with Luna, Krystal and Amber~

SNSD's HyoYeon is one of the boys in her latest update

Hanging out with her buddies, here's SNSD's HyoYeon with her latest update.

Check out their group pictures below~

The pictures were taken during a gathering for Montevarchi.

Watch the BTS clip from SNSD Yuri's filming for 'The Rallyist'

Following her photos with co-host Bae Seongjae, we are up to see more of SNSD's Yuri from her upcoming show titled 'The Rallyist', the rally audition variety show which will start airing on October 10.

Check out the video from their filming below~

Sulli graces Artistry's Event with her charming smile

Wearing a white top, a short skirt, and of course her contagious smile, Sulli was spotted at Artistry's event.

The cosmetic brand's event was held in Seoul, and from it, you can check out Sulli's pretty pictures below~

Listen to Ailee's 'Letting Go' feat. f(x)'s Amber

Showcasing their friendship along with their vocal skills, f(x)'s Amber featured in one of the tracks from Ailee's latest album titled 'Vivid'.

Here's their wonderful song titled 'Letting Go'~

Jessica Jung finally got her nails done but...

Having a new nail art is fun but it always comes with a price.  The price of waiting for it to dry, and more often than not, it's not fun.

Jessica Jung agrees, and here's her photo where she shared, "I finally had time to get my nails done!! [鼓掌] But i hate drying them....[傻眼] So boring[哈欠]"~

SoHee has signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast

Sohee who recently became a free agent has been revealed to have signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast Entertainment.

She has received many offers from other companies but she chose Keyeast for its efficient and stable management system.  The agency was founded by actor Bae Yong-joon, and they manage big stars like Kim SooHyun, Han YeSeul, So Yihyun, Uhm Junghwa, and Uhm Taewoong to name some.

The Director of Keyeast also stated, "The possibilities for Ahn So Hee's development as an actress are enormous, and she's an actor with infinite inherent potential. There's a lot she still hasn′t shown to the public through her activities thus far, and we will provide a platform for her to take off as a representative actress for 20-somethings by bringing out her talents the best we can as well as give her the support she needs to display her various sides."

She officially left the Wonder Girls earlier this year to pursue her acting career. As for her upcoming projects, she has recently finished filming for the movie titled 'Busan Bound'.

Check out the fabulous pictures of f(x)'s Victoria

Coming from her pictorial, here's a fabulous update from f(x)'s Victoria!

Check out her gorgeous photos below~

SNSD Yuri on 'Cool Kiz on the Block' Episode 123 (English Subbed)

The Festival is on!

The grand finale of Cool Kiz on the Block's Swimming Team is here and celebrity swimmers have come back to challenge them once again.  Enjoy watching~

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Let's go camping with SNSD's HyoYeon and Friends

SNSD's HyoYeon is out to have fun with her friends!

They are off for a camping trip, and here's their video having fun while listening to 'Lion Heart'~

SNSD YoonA captivates fans through the making film of 'Because It's the First Time'

It's just a special appearance but it is enough to make us all excited!

We're talking about YoonA's cameo in the upcoming drama 'Because It's the First Time' which will start airing on October 7.

Prepare to be charmed once again as you check YoonA's making film below~

Choi Sulli greets fans with her lovely picture

Greeting fans, here's Sulli who wrote, "Did you spend your Chuseok well?"

Along with that was her lovely picture which you can see below~

SNSD SeoHyun relays sad news that Dubu has passed away

Relaying the sad news, SNSD's SeoHyun has shared, "To tell the truth.. I have some sad news that has been hard for me to tell you all... It took me a very long time to move on, but now it's time to relay the news.. A while back my baby dubu who I love so, so much left us for heaven.. Dubu was probably so happy to have received so much love from so many people.. I'm very thankful to everyone who liked and even loved Dubu.. Please pray that dubu has gone to a better place..^^".

It's really sad, and after having a hard time moving on, SeoHyun has now decided to share this news along with her fun and precious memories with Dubu.  Check out their pictures and videos below~

f(x) Luna takes us 'In the Heights' through her pretty photo update

Coming her musical titled 'In the Heights', here's the latest update from f(x)'s Luna!

Check out her pretty pictures where she shared, "Since I won the In The Heights lottery at the 7th performance, I received a gift ! Becoming stronger in In The Heights and as an actress it has become like I stepping stone I need to overcome, it’s not easy to disappoint viewers with the mistakes they found; I won’t become a burden to the other actors we made the performance with, I’ll pay more attention and work hard ..From today on I’ll perform with more fun and joy, please support it and give it a lot of love ♥ In The Heights, hwaiting !"

Monday, September 28, 2015

Watch Wonder Girls' SunMi and Yubin's 'You and Me' Episode 8 (English Subbed)

It's 'You and Me' time again but this time, it's Wonder Girls' Yubin's turn to go solo!

Learn new beauty tips as you watch her latest episode below~

Check out SNSD SooYoung's photo for 'Healing Camp'

Here's SNSD's SooYoung who will be making a special appearance on 'Healing Camp'.

Check out her photo for the show below~

View the lovely photos from SNSD's Yuri

Coming from her date with Tiffany and YoonA earlier, here's Yuri with her latest update.

Take a look at her lovely photos below~

A sudden meeting for SNSD's Tiffany, Yuri and YoonA!

All were enjoying the Chuseok Holidays but SNSD's Tiffany, Yuri and YoonA ended up meeting each other.

Check out their adorable clip and picture below.

It's Sexay time with f(x)'s Amber and Ahn Young Mi!

It doesnt matter if you have two or three eyes, just be sure to open them because it's sexay time with f(x)'s Amber and Ahn Young Mi!

Check out their next photo below which Amber captioned, "What time is it? SEXAY TIME! with Ahn Young Mi"~

Watch SNSD's episodes on 'The Return of Superman' (English Subbed)

Time to spend our Chuseok Holidays with Girls' Generation and Chu Sarang on 'The Return of Superman'.

Enjoy their fun episodes below~

Check out the beautiful group pictures of the Wonder Girls

As shared by Lim, here are the wonderful group pictures of the Wonder Girls.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Chuseok from Jessica Jung!

Sending out love and peace, here's Jessica Jung with her pretty updates.

Check out her latest pictures where she greeted fans with, "Happy "Chuseok" Mid-Autumn Festival! Nice to have a few days off from working so hard[耶][耶] [偷笑] Remember, good things come to those who wait"~

Happy Chuseok from SNSD's Tiffany and Prince!

Following TaeYeon and Ginger earlier, it's now Tiffany and Prince's turn to greet everyone!

Here's the photo of Prince where Tiffany added, "Happy Chuseok ♥ #prince fluffy #cutest dog in the world"~

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