Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SNSD TaeYeon shares more memories from New Zealand

We all know they took it in New Zealand, and here's TaeYeon sharing more memories from the lovely place~

 "#I #MemoriesofNewZealand"

"I'm back from New Zealand! I took many pretty and cool pictures while traveling here and there in New Zealand for my first mini album. It was a very precious and unforgettable experience. Thinking of showing them with my music already...Nyahaha I will reveal what I saw and felt at those places, good things should be seen together. Bigger. #I"

TaeYeon continued to share, "I met a lot of animal friends #cow #sheep #llama #pony #chicken #dog #parrot #bug etc.  They looked free playing in the fields, hehe #MemoriesofNewZealand"

TaeYeon with her Brother.

Taeyeon's Instagram


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