7 Halloween Costume Ideas from SNSD

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you will be attending a party but haven't picked a costume yet, the ladies of Girls' Generation are here to give you some idea.

You can be anyone you like but let's check out SNSD's previous costumes from SMTown's Halloween party last year~

You can be a Vampire like SeoHyun
 vampire seohyun

Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland' like Tiffany
tiffany alice in wonderland

Frozen's Olaf like SooYoung
sooyoung olaf
SooYoung with Heechul as Anna
Snow White YoonA who bit the poisoned apple but was revived by Vampire SeoHyun
snow white yoona vampire seohyun

TaeYeon who came as a wandering schoolgirl
taeyeon schoolgirl

HyoYeon who came as a Policewoman with Edward Scissorhands (SHINee's Key)
hyoyeon policewoman

Last but not the least, Yuri who transformed into a catwoman
yuri catwoman

After seeing SNSD's Halloween costumes, have you picked one? Who do you think had the best costume among them?  

Will SMTown be having their 2015 Halloween Party? Probably, Tiffany is already excited about it and is already thinking about her costume.

Edit: Yes they did, check out SNSD's pictures from SMTown's 2015 Halloween Party here.

If all else fails, and cosplaying is really not your thing, you can still enjoy the Halloween by going out and just taking pictures with others who came wearing their costumes.

But most of the time, you can still blend in by just wearing a hat, just like YoonA and Tiffany with their ear hats.

Lastly, if you have a dog, don't forget to dress him too like what Tiffany did to her adorable Prince.

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