Monday, November 23, 2015

Listen to Verbal Jint's 'If The World Was Perfect' feat. SNSD's TaeYeon

It's SNSD TaeYeon's turn to return the favor! for Verbal Jint who rapped in her solo track titled 'I'!

After rapping for TaeYeon's 'I', it was Verbal Jint who released a new album this time around and featured TaeYeon in one of the title tracks. 

Prepare to hear another wonderful collaboration from the two, here's their song titled 'If The World Was Perfect'~

After that, TaeYeon also congratulated Verbal Jint for his latest album.

'If The World Was a Perfect Place' Lyrics (TaeYeon's Parts)

If the world is a perfect place
You'd be with me right now
And the unfair situations of the weak
None of it would happen
I could only pray x4
Pray for a better world

Of if the world was a perfect place
To each other, face to face

Oh pray the world was a perfect place
Sing the prayers

I could only pray x4
Pray for a better world
I pray
I pray


The world needs more of this.. More collaboration of TaeYeon and Verbal Jint please.



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