Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wonder Girls' Lim is out to enjoy her free time in Hong Kong!

Wonder Girls' Lim is off for a vacation in Hong Kong!

Enjoying her free time, you can check out her adorable updates below~

"Water Bay #HongKong yesterday:) What a beautiful place!"

"I love you 언니~❤️ You know me so well and you always know what's best for me. You are generous, caring, loving, and we always have the best time together! Thank you always!  #cousin #sisters"

"I look so focused on the books of love n relationship, 
but I ended up buying some other books instead. Keke #books #love #hobby"

"I like large windows."

"#lights #love #beautiful Feels like I'm in a fairytale."


"Clear Water Bay #clearwaterbay #HongKong"

"#tsimshatsui #HongKong Such a beautiful sight!"

"My fav..❤️ #cheese #bread"

Lastly, Lim also shared another adorable childhood photo.

Lim's Instagram


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