Monday, August 31, 2015

See how SNSD's Yuri relaxes after a long day

Just like everyone else, here's how SNSD's Yuri relieves stress and tiredness after a long day.

Check out her latest photo where you can see her lying down while playing with her phone~

Browse SNSD's pictures from 'Tencent K-POP Live Music Concert'

We've got more from the 'Tencent K-POP Live Music Concert'.

After watching SNSD's performances, you can now browse their hot pictures below~

Watch SNSD's full 'Lion Heart' encore stage from Music Bank

Coming from Girls' Generation's win last Thursday, Music Bank has now revealed their full encore stage!

That being said, here's SNSD's fun and playful 'Lion Heart' encore for you to enjoy~

Watch SNSD's performances from the 'Tencent K-POP Live Music Concert'

Held on August 31st was the 'Tencent K-POP Live Music Concert'!

SNSD was there to grace the event, and you watch their performances below~

Say hi to f(x)'s pretty Victoria

It's been quite a while but f(x)'s Victoria is back to say hi!

Take a look at her pretty photos below~



SNSD Tiffany shows off her OOTD in her adorable set of pictures

SNSD's Tiffany is here to showcase her OOTD or Outfit of the Day!

Check out her adorable photos below~

"#floppyhatsandplaidchokers ❤️"

Check out SNSD's official pictures from M Countdown

This post will take us back to last Thursday's M Countdown where SNSD performed 'Lion Heart' and got their 3rd win.

Browse their gorgeous photos below~

Check out the sweet SelCa pictures from Wonder Girls' Lim

Keeping it sweet and simple, here are the latest selfies from Wonder Girls' Lim!

Check out her lovely photos below~

Bonding time for SNSD's Yuri and TaeYeon!

Sharing their bonding moments, here's SNSD's Yuri who snapped a picture with TaeYeon!

Take a look at their beautiful photo below~

Sunday, August 30, 2015

SNSD's SeoHyun posed for a pretty SelCa picture

Following SNSD's group pictures, it's selfie time with maknae SeoHyun!

Take a look at her pretty picture where she expressed, "Hello~ㅎ It's Seohyunnie~~Our fans #SONE who made us win at the 1st place for~ #LionHeart !!^^ Thank you very, very much~♡ Let's enjoy the rest of the promotion together with us~^^#AsExpectedSONEIsTheBest ♡."~

Celebrate SNSD's 6th 'Lion Heart' win with their beautiful group pictures

Getting their 6th 'Lion Heart' win from Inkigayo is another reason to party with Girls' Generation!

Celebrating their victory, here are the beautiful group pictures of SNSD~

"Tiffany: #lionheart6thwin"

"SeoHyun: I love you #sone ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡"

It's an all kill, SNSD has received their 6th 'Lion Heart' win from this week's Inkigayo!

SNSD has achieved an all-kill after topping all music shows this week!

It's their started with their first win on 'The Show', followed by 'Show Champion', 'M Countdown', 'Music Bank', 'Music Core', and now here's Inkigayo giving them their 6th 'Lion Heart' win.

Check out their flawless performance and winning moments below~

f(x) Amber presents the 'PINE-ING Table' feat. Miss A's Min

It's another 'What the Pineapple' Sunday with f(x)'s Amber and the gang!

This time, they are presenting the 'PINE-ING Table' where they discover and taste new foods together with their special guest, Min from Miss A~

Watch SNSD's funny backstage cuts from 'Show Champion'

Time to go behind the scenes and check out what happened at the backstage during SNSD's performance on last Wednesday's 'Show Champion'.

Watch their funny and adorable cuts below~

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Check out SNSD's backstage picture from Music Bank

Wearing their pink outfits, here are the lovely ladies of Girls' Generation!

Take a look their beautiful group picture from Music Bank's backstage~

Watch f(x)'s performances from A-Nation Festival

Held on the 29th was the A-Nation Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

f(x) was there to grace the event, and here are their performances for you to watch~

Wonder Girls' SunMi and her pretty selfie updates

Here's Wonder Girls' SunMi greeting fans with her pretty selfies.

Check out her latest photo updates below~

SNSD Tiffany thanks fans for Lion Heart's 5th win

After getting their 5th 'Lion Heart' win from Music Core, SNSD's Tiffany is here to thank fans.

Check out her latest picture which she captioned, "#lionheart5thwin thanks sones* x"~

Check out SNSD Sunny's adorable posts with TaeYeon, Yuri, and SooYoung

Greeting fans, here's SNSD's Sunny together with TaeYeon, SooYoung, and Yuri!

Check out their adorable picture where she expressed, "Yesterday's photo!!!!! Thank you for coming~ We're on stage today and it gave us strength... Thank you for always shaking heart balloons. Love you (shy)" followed by Sunny's cute video~

SNSD's 'Lion Heart' has received its 5th win from 'Music Core'!

A fifth win for their fifth album!  Girls' Generation has just received their 5th 'Lion Heart' win from this week's Music Core.  

The party and celebration never stops.  Check out SNSD's performance and winning moments below~

f(x)'s Luna posed for a cute SelCa picture

It's a sweet Saturday with f(x)'s Luna!

Enjoying her day, you can check out her adorable selfie below~

Watch Wonder Girls' Yubin's performance from 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'

Wonder Girls' Yubin has arrived on 'Unpretty Rapstar'!

Check out her special stage together with the other contestants of the show~

Friday, August 28, 2015

SNSD's SooYoung snapped a cute photo with their Lion

Time to end another wonderful day with SNSD's SooYoung.

Check out her cute selfie which she captioned, "Good work, let's get off work"~

Celebrate SNSD's 4th 'Lion Heart' win with the adorable dubsmash of TaeYeon and Tiffany

It's party time because SNSD has just received their 4th 'Lion Heart' win!

Celebrate it with the funny and adorable dubsmash clip and photo of TaeYeon and Tiffany~

Music Bank has awarded SNSD's 'Lion Heart' its 4th win!

Because no one can stop Girls' Generation's winning streak, the girls have received their 4th 'Lion Heart' win from this week's Music Bank!

Check out their performance and celebrate SNSD's win below~

Check out the lovely photo of SNSD's HyoYeon

It's a fine day with SNSD's HyoYeon!

Take a look at her gorgeous selfie below~

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