Saturday, December 31, 2016

SNSD TaeYeon performed '11:11' at the 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejeon

Time to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with SNSD's TaeYeon!

Here she is performing '11:11' at the 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejeon~

Welcome 2017 with SNSD's Tiffany!

SNSD's Tiffany is ready to welcome 2017! Are you?

Here she is greeting everyone with her stunning clip~

SNSD SeoHyun won Special Acting Award from SBS' Drama Awards

It's a wonderful night with SNSD's SeoHyun!

After her 'The Stranger' performance, she has also received an Special Acting Award from the SBS' Drama Awards for her impressive portrayal of 'Woohee' in the drama 'Moon Lovers'.

Congratulations SeoHyun!

SNSD SeoHyun performed 'The Stranger' and 'Hey Jude' at SBS' Drama Awards

Following her photos from the red carpet event, here comes SNSD's SeoHyun showcasing her singing prowess.

Enjoy her 'The Stranger' and 'Hey Jude' performance from the 2016 SBS' Drama Awards~

SNSD SeoHyun at the red carpet of SBS' Drama Awards

It's the last day of 2016 and it's D-Day for the SBS' Drama Awards!

SNSD's SeoHyun is out to attend the show, and you can see her lovely photos from the red carpet event below~

f(x) Victoria and Luna bids goodbye to 2016 with their beautiful photos

Bidding goodbye to 2016 and getting ready to welcome 2017, here are f(x)'s Luna and Victoria greeting fans through their beautiful updates.

Take a look at their latest photos below~

"Year 2016 Goodbye!"

Check out the adorable year-end updates from SNSD TaeYeon

Greeting fans on the last day of 2016, here comes SNSD's TaeYeon with her adorable updates.

Check them out below~

"My people said they like the one without filter a bit better! 
Go away filter ><"

SNSD YoonA snap a photo with Bada and TVXQ's Yunho

SMTown love is in the air!

Aside from Tiffany, here are two more artists who came to watch S.E.S. concert in Seoul.  They are SNSD's YoonA and TVXQ's Yunho, and you can see their lovely photo with Bada below~

SNSD Tiffany is a certified S.E.S. fan!

S.E.S. held their concert in Seoul last night and look who was there!

She's no other than Tiffany and here she is sharing her lovely pictures with the members of trio who debuted in 1997~

SNSD YoonA presented an award at the 2016 MBC Drama Awards

On December 30, SNSD's YoonA was out to grace the 2016 MBC Drama Awards.

She was there to present an award with Im Siwan, her leading man in their upcoming drama titled 'The King Loves'.  The said drama is set to be aired next year but for now, let's check out their video and pictures first~

Friday, December 30, 2016

Tiffany and SooYoung takes on the 'Mannequin Challenge' with their friends

Mannequin Challenge? SNSD's Tiffany and SooYoung says bring it on!

Here they are doing it with their friends~

SNSD SooYoung reminds fans to beware of the cold

Winter has arrived and because of it, it looks like SNSD's SooYoung has caught a cold.

Reminding fans to be careful of the cold weather, here she is greeting everyone with a playful photo~

"Everyone, beware of the cold"

Jessica Jung treats fans with her dance practice video for 'Wonderland' (English Version)

Happy Holidays from Jessica Jung!

Here she is treating all her fans with the dance practice video for the English version of 'Wonderland'.  Enjoy~

Thursday, December 29, 2016

SNSD TaeYeon performed 'Rain' at KBS' Gayo Daechukje

It's time to enjoy another wonderful performance from Girls' Generation's TaeYeon!

Following her red carpet pictures, you can now watch her 'Rain' performance from KBS' Gayo Daechukje below~

f(x)'s pretty Krystal for W Korea's January issue

It's gonna be a sparkling January with f(x)'s Krystal!

That's because she's gracing the January issue of W Korea, and you can see the pretty photos from her pictorial below~

SNSD TaeYeon at the red carpet event of KBS' Gayo Daechukje

It's gonna Rain tonight at KBS' Gayo Daechukje!

That's because TaeYeon will be there to perform, and here she is gracing their red carpet event.  Check out her gorgeous photos below~

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SNSD SooYoung is forever lovely in her latest selfies

Trying out her new lipstick from Make Up For Ever, here's SNSD's SooYoung greeting fans with her lovely selfies.

Check them out below~

SNSD SeoHyun will star in the web-drama 'Ruby Ruby Love'

SNSD SeoHyun will soon be back to amaze us with her acting skills!

That would be through the the web-drama titled 'Ruby Ruby Love' where she will play the role of Ruby, a girl who became a jewelry designer after finding a magic ring.

The said web-drama is set to be released on January 18th.

Monday, December 26, 2016

SNSD TaeYeon performed '11:11' at the 2016 SAF Gayo Daejun

It's SNSD TaeYeon's turn to own the stage!

Following her red carpet pictures, here she is performing '11:11' at the 2016 SAF Gayo Daejun~

SNSD TaeYeon and Yuri at SAF Gayo Daejun's red carpet event

Let the year-end festivities begin!

Attending the 2016 SAF Gayo Daejun, here are SNSD's TaeYeon and Yuri.  TaeYeon will be there to perform while Yuri is there as one of the emcees.  You can see their glamorous photos from the red carpet event below~

Sunday, December 25, 2016

SNSD TaeYeon greets fans with her gorgeous selfies

It's party time with SNSD's TaeYeon!

Greeting everyone on this festive day, you can see her gorgeous selfies below~

"πŸŽ„ #tysone #2016TaengParty"

Merry Christmas from SNSD's SeoHyun

SNSD's SeoHyun is here to send in her Christmas greetings!

That's gonna be through her adorable clip which you can see below~

"Merry Christmas~~☃πŸŽ„πŸŽLove u all❤"

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from f(x)'s Victoria!

f(x)'s Victoria is here to spread the holiday cheers!

Greeting everyone, you can check out her playful and adorable pictures below~

"Merry Christmas"

SNSD Tiffany performed 'Shut Up' with the UNNIES on KBS' Entertainment Awards

Following their photos from the red carpet, here comes Tiffany and the Unnies!

Below is their 'Shut Up' performance from the KBS' Entertainment Awards which was held today, December 24, 2016~

SNSD Tiffany at the red carpet of KBS' Entertainment Awards

It's D-day for KBS' Entertainment Awards!

SNSD's Tiffany is there to attend together with her UNNIES, and you can see her cheerful photos from the red carpet event below~

A Merry Christmas with SNSD's TaeYeon!

SNSD's TaeYeon was up to spread the love!

She baked some cookies, designed some pins, and more for her charity event, and here she is taking us to the behind the scenes of her preparation~

A Christmas eve with SNSD's food goddess, SooYoung!

What's up with SNSD's SooYoung?

Here she is enjoying the Christmas eve by eating a festive meal.  Below is her picture where she shared, "Since it's Christmas Eve, even if you eat a meal like this, you shouldn't be embarrassed πŸ˜„"~

Happy holidays from Jessica and Krystal!

The lovely Jung sisters are here to send in their holiday greetings!

Check out their adorable clip below~

"Happy holidays from the Jung sisters ❣️ πŸŽ„πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚"

Let it go with SNSD's SeoHyun!

The Holiday Season is here!

With that, here's SNSD's SeoHyun letting it go~

"Let i goooooooooooooo~~Let it goooooooooooooooooooo~~~~~❄"

"#Christmas EveπŸŽ„with HeraπŸ‘­ Thank you for the cookies, cutie πŸ’•"

Jessica Jung shared BTS pictures from her W Korea pictorial

Jessica Jung is coming to the January issue of W Korea!

That's just around the corner but before that, here she is treating us to some behind the scene pictures from her shoot~

Friday, December 23, 2016

SNSD HyoYeon snap a cute photo with Super Junior's Kim Heechul

Here comes SNSD's HyoYeon together with Super Junior's Kim Heechul!

Check out their cute photo below~

"God Heechul"

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