Friday, January 1, 2016

Check out the Handwritten New Year Messages from Girls' Generation

Welcoming the new year right and read the sweet messages from Girls' Genereation!

Check out their New Year greetings below~

"TaeYeon: It's 2016!!! Please take care of us this year too! 
We'll always watch over you ♡ Let's not be sick ♡"

"Sunny: S♡NE!! ♡♡ 2016 year of the Red Monkey.. Receive a lot~ of blessings!! Puhaha"

"Tiffany: Happy New Year SONE ♡"

"HyoYeon: 2016. It's already 9 years of being together with SONE!! Thank you and I love you, SONE!!! In 2016, let's create happy time together with Soshi!! Receive many blessings in the new year"

"Yuri: SONE :) * In 2016, I hope you fulfill all~ of the things you wish for..."

"SooYoung: To. S♡NE :) Hope your new year is filled with only good things ^^ 
2016 is Girls' Generation!"

"YoonA: S♡NE~!! I hope 2016 is full of even better things than 2015!!^^ 
Always be healthy. Receive many blessings in the new year~ ♡"

"To. Our SONE ♡ Our SONE that I love ♡ In the new year 2016, receive many, many blessings~ I hope you fulfill your wishes in the new year~ I hope it's always full of only happy things~ In the new year, Girls' Generation~ ♡"



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