Monday, February 15, 2016

SNSD Yuri shared clips from her Graduation pictorial

SNSD's Yuri is finally graduating this year from ChungAng University!

She will be graduating with SooYoung on February 15, and from her graduation pictorial before, here are the clips which Yuri proudly shared~

"Yuri: Thought it was a baby studio... #AmIShaking? 
#SooyoungMom #WeAreGraduatingToday"

"Yuri: That summer when we took graduation photos... 
#IWasShaking #SoMotherCame #MadamChoi #SooyoungMom 
#NervesEased #WeAreGraduatingToday"

SNSD's Yuri and SooYoung are both major in Theatre and Film in ChungAng University. You can see more from Yuri and SooYoung's past pictorial for ChungAng University here.

Yuri's Instagram


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