Sunday, March 6, 2016

The different hairstyles of SNSD's Kim TaeYeon!

Trying out different hairstyles? It's not really a big thing for SNSD's TaeYeon because you know she's open to try anything, and almost everything looks good on her.

With that in mind, here are TaeYeon's pictures which will showcase her previous and current hairstyles.

Let's start it with TaeYeon's apple hair~

Next up is TaeYeon rocking her bangs~

And don't forget the different shades of TaeYeon~

Pigtails? TaeYeon also tried them, and we have two versions for you.

TaeYeon and her pigtails. (TheCleanVersion.jpg)

 TaeYeon and her pigtails. (TheDirtyVersion.jpg)

There are times when she didn't even try but still look cute, and that falls in our "I woke up like this" or "Whatever, I'm having bad hair day" category~

And of course, who would forget the cute and curly TaeYeon.

To wrap it up, here's TaeYeon with her latest hairstyle. It was unintended but there's a story why she suddenly went back to short hair.


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