Friday, March 31, 2017

Preorder S.M. Station Season 1 (4CD + Photobook)

Remember all the songs which were released under SM Entertainments 'S.M. Station' project?

Well, they are now releasing a compilation album for it and that includes SNSD TaeYeon's 'Rain', SNSD YoonaA's Deoksugung Stonewall', HyoYeon's 'Mystery', Yuri and SeoHyun's 'Secret', Tiffany's 'Heartbreak Hotel', f(x) Amber's 'Borders', and a lot more!

Sounds awesome, right? You can now check out the preorder links below~

S.M. Station Season 1 (4CD + Photobook)
Preorder Link ~> $41.99 (International)

Preorder Link ~> $41.99 (For USA)

This album will include 57 songs of various SM Entertainment Artists (4CD), Behind Cuts, and a Photobook.


S.M. STATION Season1 (4CD + Photobook)

[CD 1]
01. 태연 – Rain
02. 유영진 X D.O. - Tell Me (What Is Love)
03. 윤미래 X kenzie X Matthew Tishler - Because of You
04. 에릭남 X 웬디 - 봄인가 봐 (Spring Love)
05. 윤아 - 덕수궁 돌담길의 봄 (Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway) (Feat. 10cm)
06. Heritage X 종현 - 한마디 (Your Voice)
07. 엠버 – Borders
08. 문정재 X 김일지 - Regrets and Resolutions
09. 바이브 X CHEN X 헤이즈 - 썸타 (Lil' Something)
10.김희철&김정모 X 휘인 - 나르시스 (Narcissus)
11. 김범수 X Kenzie - 서툰 시 (Pain Poem)
13. R3hab X 엠버 X 루나X Xavi&Gi – Wave

[CD 2]
01. 케이윌 X 백현 - The Day
02. 다나 - 울려 퍼져라 (Touch You)
03. LAY - 独角戏 (모노드라마) (Monodrama)
04. 윤정수 X 김숙 - 너만 잘났냐 (You're The Boss)
05. 티파니 - Heartbreak Hotel (Feat. Simon Dominic)
06. BoA X 빈지노 - No Matter What
07. 이동우 X Orphée Noah - Definition of Love
08. 이특 X 수호 X 케이시 X 조영수 - 나의 영웅 (My Hero)
09. J-Min X 심은지 - 집 앞에서 (Way Back Home)
10. 차지연 X LDN Noise - My Show
11. f(x) - All Mine
12. NCT 127 X COCA-COLA - Taste The Feeling
13. 소녀시대 - 그 여름 (Sailing) (0805)

01. 온유 X 이진아 - 밤과 별의 노래 (Starry Night)
02. 유리 X 서현 X PANTENE – Secret
03. 효연 X 민 X 조권 - Born to be Wild (Feat. 박진영)
04. Hitchhiker - $10
05. BoA X 250 - 두근두근 (Pit-A-Pat) 250 Remix
06. 유재석 X EXO - Dancing King
07. 바다 X 려욱 – Cosmic
08. 엠버 X 루나 - Heartbeat (Feat. Ferry Corsten, Kago Pengchi)
09. Alesso X CHEN - Years (Korean Ver.)
10. 헨리 X 소유 - 우리 둘 (Runnin')
11. BeatBurger - Music is Wonderful (Feat. BoA)
12. 윤도현 X 레디 X 지투 X INLAYER X 쟈니 – Nightmare
13. 슬옹 X 조이 - 이별을 배웠어 (Always In My Heart)

01. 선데이 X 김태현 (딕펑스) - 보여 (Still)
02. 김희철X민경훈 - 나비잠 (Sweet Dream)
03. S.E.S. - Love [story]
04. 효연 – Mystery
05. 종현 – Inspiration
06. 신용재 X 루나 - 그대라서 (It's You)
07. 웬디 X 문정재 X 이나일 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
08. SMTOWN X Steve Barakatt - 너의 목소리 (Sound of Your Heart)
09. TRAX - 길 (Road)
10. 윤도현 - Sparks Fly
11. 예성 X 슬기 - Darling U
12. 펀치 - 나의 외로움이 널 부를 때 (When my loneliness calls you) (Radio Edit Ver.)
13. 수호 X 송영주 - 커튼 (Curtain)
14. 태연 - (Bonus Track) 비밀 (Secret)
15. 엠버 X 루나 X Xavi&Gi -(Bonus Track) Wave (Xavi&Gi Ver.)
16. 엠버 X 루나 - (Bonus Track) Heartbeat (Feat. Ferry Corsten, Kago Pengchi) (English Ver.)
17. Alesso X CHEN - (Bonus Track) Years (Chinese Ver.)
18. 펀치 - (Bonus Track) 나의 외로움이 널 부를 때 (When my loneliness calls you) (Original Sound Track Ver.)

SNSD SeoHyun at Miss Gee Collection Event

Wearing her white outfit, here's SNSD's SeoHyun charming fans at Miss Gee's Collection event at the 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week.

See her beautiful photos below~

SNSD Tiffany and HyoYeon attended KYE's event

We're not yet done with the 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week!

Here are SNSD's Tiffany and HyoYeon attended KYE's event~

Thursday, March 30, 2017

SNSD greets fans from their practice session!

Girls' Generation is gearing up for their upcoming concert in Vietnam!

It's Hanoi's Charity Concert to be exact, and it will be held on the 1st of April at the National Convention Center.  The girls are already excited about it and here they are greeting fans from their practice session~

Jessica and Krystal at Tod's 'Timeless Icons' event

Timeless Icons themselves, Jessica and Krystal were both out to grace Tod's event!

It was held on the 29th of March and you can see their beauty through the following pictures~

SNSD SooYoung at jain song's event

SNSD's SooYoung was out once again to grace the 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week!

Looking lovely as always, you can see her gorgeous photos below~

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

SNSD SeoHyun at The Studio K's event

It's a busy day for SNSD's SeoHyun!

After attending pushBUTTON's event with Tiffany and HyoYeon, here she is gracing The Studio K's event~

SNSD YoonA snap photos with Hong JongHyun and Park HwanHee

Hanging out with her fellow actors, here is SNSD's YoonA together with Hong JongHyun and Park HwanHee.

See their beautiful group photos below~

Tiffany, SeoHyun, and HyoYeon attended pushBUTTON's event

SNSD's Tiffany, SeoHyun and HyoYeon continues to grace the 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week.

Coming in full force, here they are at pushBUTTON's event~

SNSD Tiffany at YCH's event

The 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week continues!

Here's SNSD's Tiffany gracing YCH's event~


After her video greeting, here comes SNSD YoonA's promotional picture for CROCS.

Check it out below~

Check out SNSD SooYoung's hot photos for Calvin Klein

Greeting fans, here's SNSD's SooYoung from her 1stLook pictorial.

Wearing her apparel from Calvin Klein, you can see her hot photos below~

SNSD TaeYeon will release a Deluxe edition of 'My Voice'

Loved SNSD TaeYeon's first full album? If you did, here she is with another treat!

'My Voice' will have have a deluxe edition soon and TaeYeon has already started teasing fans about it.  The Deluxe Edition will include three new songs, '11:11', and the rest of the songs from the original edition for a total of 17 songs.

'My Voice' DE will be released on the 5th of April and while waiting for more info, you can check out the first teaser pictures below~

Girls' Generation TaeYeon My Voice Deluxe Edition

SNSD TaeYeon My Voice Deluxe Edition

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

See the lovely updates from Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is back to share more of her lovely photos!

Looks like she had a great weekend, and you can see it through her latest posts~

"Got pink ? 🎀"

Meet YeEun at Big Park's Event

Joining the 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion week, here comes YeEun!

Below are her beautiful pictures from Big Park's event~

SNSD SeoHyun at Resurrection's event

SNSD's SeohHyun was out to raise the dead!

Not literally, but you can see what we mean as you check out her photos from Resurrection's event at the 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week~

SNSD HyoYeon goes green at MÜNN's event

Gracing the 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week, here comes SNSD's HyoYeon!

See her pictures from the event below~

SNSD Tiffany and SeoHyun at FLEAMADONNA's Event

The 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week is on!

For today, SNSD's Tiffany and SeoHyun went out to grace FLEAMADONNA's event.  You can see their pictures and video and from the event below~

SNSD's gorgeous Yuri for VOGUE's April issue

Following SNSD Yuri's pictures from VOGUE's February issue, here's more of SNSD's Yuri promoting the cosmetic brand 'Urban Decay'.

Check out her gorgeous pictures from the magazine's April issue~

Monday, March 27, 2017

SNSD SooYoung is so charming at Pushbutton x Line Friends' Event

SNSD's SooYoung is out to delight her fans!

Here she is gracing Pushbutton x Line Friends' event at the Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2017 F/W~

SNSD TaeYeon is all smiles in her latest pictures

SNSD's TaeYeon is up to charm fans with her smile!

Check out her happy and lovely photos below~

"#sotong #seonpal #ilssang #joAyo"

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sundays are the best with Jessica Jung

How's your Sunday?

As for Jessica Jung, she's loving it, and you can see that through her happy and lovely photos below~

"Happy Sunday🌹Miss you too❤ ​"

SNSD YoonA snap a group photo with her 'The King Loves' cast member

Together with the cast of her upcoming drama, here comes SNSD's YoonA!

Can you recognize YoonA's fellow cast members from 'The King Loves'?  Check out their group picture below~

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