Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bonjour from Jessica Jung!

Showcasing her watch from Chanel, here is Jessica Jung sending in her beautiful greetings.

Check out her lovely photos below~

"Bonjour mademoiselleđź’‹#mademoiselleJ12 #J12 #chanelwatches"

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jessica Jung updates with her beautiful photos from Vietnam

Enjoying her stay in Vietnam, here is Jessica Jung treating us with adorable updates.

Check out clips and picture below

SNSD SeoHyun greets fans as 'Kang So Joo'

Good morning from SNSD's SeoHyun!

Here she is greeting everyone as Kang So Joo of 'Bad Thief, Good Thief'~

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Watch SNSD YoonA's latest CFs for 'Innisfree'

SNSD's YoonA continues to endorse 'Innisfree'!

You can check out her charming and adorable promotional clips for the cosmetic brand below~

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SNSD YoonA graces CHANEL's event

On the 21st of June CHANEL held their Mademoiselle Prive Exhibition.

SNSD's YoonA was there to grace the event, and you can now see her gorgeous photos below~

SNSD members are back from Jeju Island

After going to Jeju Island for SMTown Workshop, SNSD members are now back in Seoul!

Below are TaeYeon, YoonA, and HyoYeon's pictures from the airport~

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TaeYeon, YoonA, and HyoYeon snap cute pictures at SMTOWN WORKSHOP in JEJU

Greetings from Jeju Island!

Here are SNSD's TaeYeon, YoonA, and HyoYeon who snap cute pictures at SMTOWN WORKSHOP in JEJU~

SNSD HyoYeon, YoonA and Tiffany snap a cute picture with TVXQ's Yunho

Coming from SM's Workshop in Jeju, here are SNSD's HyoYeon, YoonA, and Tiffany who snap a picture with TVXQ's Yunho.

Check out their adorable photo below~

Monday, June 19, 2017

SNSD members goes to Jeju for SM Workshop

On June 19th, SNSD members went to Jeju Island for the 2017 SM Workshop / Promoting electric car.

From the airport to the event proper, you can see their beautiful pictures below~

More of SNSD TaeYeon's charming pictures from banila co.

The cosmetic brand named 'banila co.' has a new endorser!

She's no other than SNSD's TaeYeon, and you can see her adorable promotional pictures below~

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Check out the sweet selfie of SNSD's YoonA

It's a sweet and lovely Sunday with SNSD's YoonA!

Below is her latest selfie for you to check out~

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jessica Jung is so ready for Summer!

Summer is here and Jessica Jung is so ready for it!

Check out her latest photo updates below~

"Officially ready for the summer☀️Where's yours? đź‘“"

Check out SNSD Tiffany's new tattoo!

After 'Toujours Belle' SNSD's Tiffany is back to show off another tattoo!

Check out her new ink below~

Thursday, June 15, 2017

SNSD YoonA snap group pictures with the cast and staff of 'The King Loves'

It's a wrap for the cast and staff of 'The King Loves'!

It's the drama will start airing on the 17th of July and stars SNSD's YoonA. That being said, you can see the photos together with her cast members below~

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Check out SNSD SooYoung's pictures from her 'Someone You Might Know' filming

SNSD's SooYoung is now busy filming for jTBC's web drama titled 'Someone You Might Know'.

From their filming, you can see her bright and cheerful photos below~

Monday, June 12, 2017

Check out SNSD HyoYeon's official M Countdown pictures

It's time to check out SNSD HyoYeon's official photos from M Countdown!

Below are her pictures from last Thursday's show~

SNSD Tiffany went to watch the 'Rocky Horror Show' with Boram

It was a Sunday filled with music and fun SNSD's Tiffany and Sistar's Bora.

They went to watch the 'Rocky Horror Show' which also stars SooYoung's sister, and you can see their adorable updates from the backstage below~

SNSD TaeYeon is back from her 'PERSONA' concert in Hong Kong

After the success of her 'PERSONA' concert in Hong Kong, SNSD's TaeYeon is now back in South Korea!

You can see the pictures from her arrival below~

See SNSD TaeYeon's pictures from her 'PERSONA' concert in Hong Kong!

SNSD's TaeYeon had a wonderful night with her fans at her 'PERSONA' concert in Hong Kong!

Want to see how fun it was? Check out her pictures from the concert below~

See SNSD Yuri's lovely photos from Italy

How was your weekend? For SNSD's Yuri, it was a lovely one!

Sharing the beauty of Italy, you can see her latest updates below~

Say hello to SNSD's pretty YoonA!

Greeting June with a smile, here's SNSD's YoonA with beautiful updates.

Check them out below~

Sunday, June 11, 2017

SNSD Tiffany came to support HyoYeon on Inkigayo

SNSD's Tiffany was out to support HyoYeon in this week's Inkigayo!

She surprised HyoYeon at her dressing room, and you can what happened next through the following clips and pictures~

Watch SNSD HyoYeon's 'Wanna Be' stage from Inkigayo

It's a hot and powerful Sunday with SNSD's HyoYeon!

Here she is delivering another awesome 'Wanna Be' stage on Inkigayo~

SNSD TaeYeon's backstage pictures from her 'PERSONA' concert in Hong Kong

Day 1 of SNSD TaeYeon's 'PERSONA' concert in Hong Kong is done!

Here she is greeting everyone with her adorable backstage photos~

SNSD Tiffany watched Britney Spears' concert in Seoul

Hanging out with her friends and watching Britney Spears' concert...that's how SNSD's Tiffany enjoyed her weekend!

Sharing her joy, you can see her lovely updates below~

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Check out SNSD TaeYeon's adorable updates with her brother

Check out their adorable pictures and clip below~

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