Happy Birthday to Girls' Generation's wonderful SeoHyun!

happy birthday seohyun
Woke up today and felt that this day is a very very special day?  It definitely is and I'm sure many of you  already knows why!

It's because June 28 is the birthday of Girls' Generation's lovely and adorable maknae, Seo Joo-hyun!

Why is it so easy to love Seohyun? The list would be endless if we'll list them all but here are some of the reasons...

Seohyun is worthy of the term "idol".  Despite SNSD's hectic schedule, she still chose to pursue her studies and aside from that, she also sees to it that she does fulfill her duties as a citizen of her beloved country, and while doing that, she has also encouraged others to do so as well. Seohyun is the perfect role model indeed!

Seohyun is the type of girl that doesn't count her blessings but shares them instead..

She's definitely not your ordinary girl!

She is the loving and caring owner of the cute dog named Dubu (Tofu)...

She can manage her time wisely and that's why you'll see her watching the musicals and other projects of her friends from time to time.

Most importantly, Seohyun knows how to have fun with her SNSD unnies~

She can be playful at times too, like give you a shock that she has cut her hair like this... XD

Seohyun also knows how to appreciate and express her gratitude to the people around her..

That's SNSD's adorable maknae for you! ^^

We could go on and on but we'll wrap up this post with the special performance our birthday girl. Check out Seohyun's cover of Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' below~

♥~Happy Birthday Seohyun~♥

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