SNSD's SooYoung will star in the new drama 'My Spring Days'

First was SNSD's YoonA for a Korean-Chinese movie, and now it's SNSD's SooYoung!

Announced on June 17th, it has been confirmed that SNSD's Sooyoung has been confirmed to star in the upcoming MBC Drama titled 'My Spring Days'.  She'll be playing the lead role along with actor Kam Woo Sung.

The drama is about love story of a terminally ill patient who gets a heart transplant and ends up meeting the husband of the donor who passed away. Kam Woo Sung plays the role of Kang DongHa, who is a single dad who loses his wife due to an unfortunate accident and is left to raise his two kids. Sooyoung will play the role of Lee BomYi, who gets a chance at a new life from her heart transplant.

The drama will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday and it is set to start airing this September.


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