Check out the photos from Ha:tfelt's 'Me?' Exhibition

It's D-day for Ha:tfelt's exhibition, an event for where fans can see the photos from YeEun's upcoming mini-album titled 'Me?'.

Her friends were there to show their support, and that's why you'll see familiar faces like SunMi and Younha in these next pictures~

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with SunMi

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with Busker Busker's Brad

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with Urban Zakapa

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with Miss A

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with Beenzino

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with Baek Ayeon and 15&

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with 2AM's Jinwoon

Ha:tfelt (YeEun) with Younha

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