f(x)'s Krystal will star in the upcoming drama 'My Lovely Girl' together with Rain!

fx krystal my lovable girl
f(x)'s Krystal is set to come back as your lovable girl in the upcoming SBS' drama titled 'My Lovely Girl'!

Announced on the 4th of August, it has been confirmed that Krystal has been cast as the lead actress of the said drama, with Rain being the lead actor.  The production reported that after many discussions, they have found Krystal's chic but pure image to fit the role of the lead character named 'SeNa'.

Regarding this news, f(x)'s Krystal stated, "I can’t believe that I will be on the same stage as Ji Hoon oppa (Rain). I really didn’t even imagine that a moment like this will ever come".  She also added, "I was attracted to the storyline as soon as I saw it. It was also interesting that it sets the musical industry as the background. I would like to depict ‘Se Na,’ who overcomes all kinds of difficulties, falls miraculously in love and achieves her dream in music, in a heart touching and lovely way".

'My Lovely Girl' is about a girl named 'SeNa' who came to Seoul to become a singer, after her sister's sudden death, and falls in love with Hyun Wook (Rain). The girl who scarred HyunWook after getting into a car accident is SeNa's sister.

Meanwhile, the drama is expected to air it's first episode on September 17.


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