SNSD HyoYeon overcomes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

We have already posted about YeEun, Yubin, and Sunmi, as well as SooYoung doing it, so by now we think everyone knows what the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is all about, right?

With that, here comes the new challenger.  She's no other than SNSD's Hyoyeon and with the help of f(x)'s Amber, Miss A's Min, and their friends, here are the clips where we can see her doing it.

"my ice bucket challenge! uploading in 1 minute!"

my ice bucket challenge!! please support the cause! #alschallenge

my next nominations 천정명 오빠 (Chun Jung Myeong), Shinee's Jonghyun, and our one and only Mister Lee Soo Man!

Prior to this, Hyoyeon also went out to watch the musical titled 'Priscilla' with her friends.

Hyoyeon's Instagram,

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