SNSD Sunny thanks fans with her cute photo

Through her cute photo and sweet message, SNSD's Sunny is here to thank all the fans who have already purchased their 'The Best' album!

Check out her photo below where she expressed, "Hello everyone in it's Sunny.  SNSD's best album, THE BEST, got #1 on the Oricon ranking two weeks in a row.  I'm very happy.  It's all thanks to everyone. Thank you very muchWell everyone, what are you doing recently to spend the hot summer? In order to get over the hot summer that's easy to lose stamina in, I'm eating a lot of meat to get energy.  I want to eat the Kobe beef I ate during the tour and recall other times during the tour ^^ It was so fun♪ Everyone, while listening to SNSD's music, recall the times on tour and overcome the hot summer."


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