Check out the photos of SNSD members from 'Hidden Singer'

snsd hidden singer
SNSD's TaeYeon will be featured on Hidden Singer's episode which will be aired on the 20th of September, and along her are Yuri, Tiffany, SeoHyun, and HyoYeon who will be joining the audience.

It will definitely be a must watch as we'll see and hear other people who can sing like Taeyeon but while waiting for that, here are some of their photos from the show~

Taeyeon with MC Jun HyunMoo

For those who don't know, 'Hidden Singer' is a show where the real singer will sing several songs with other impersonators while they are hidden inside a booth.  After their performances, the audiences will vote on who they think is the real singer among them, in this case, SNSD members and other audiences will guess where Taeyeon is~

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