SNSD heads to China for their Fan Meeting

As announced earlier this month, the ladies of Girls' Generation are now on their way to China for their '1st Fan Party 'Mr. Mr.' in Shenzen'.

Here are the pictures from their departure~

You may have noticed that SNSD's Jessica wasn't here.  There are actually a lot of rumors and speculations regarding this issue as on the same day, Jessica posted on her Weibo account saying, "I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I'm no longer a member. I'm devastated - my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out."

Dispatch added into the confusion as they reported seeing Jessica coming back from New York on September 29th, and then they also saw Tyler Kwon coming out about 5 minutes later.  Further sparking rumors about their relationship.  

But insiders from the industry are pointing out that the biggest reason about Jessica's conflict with SMEntertainment is the launch of her fashion line 'BLANC'.

Jessica's Weibo

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