Jessica and more of her gorgeous pictures for 'BLANC & ECLARE'

CEO, Model, Designer? That's Jessica for her very own brand named 'BLANC & ECLARE'!

Modeling her sunglasses, here are Jessica's gorgeous and ravishing promotional photos~


Jessica also shared, "Exciting December, right?  Sticking to starting with the classics and basics first. Stay tuned for plenty of more unique and interesting creations that are in the works for the upcoming year! ".  You can check out the next picture for more details.


[October 6 Update] Through a press release Jessica also stated, "Although the unveiling of ECLARE was sooner than expected, I am proud to be taking BLANC & ECLARE to the next level.  I am humbled by the overwhelming support this brand has received and I assure you that we will be diligent as we continually look to evolve and innovate."

snsd jessica blanc


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