SNSD's Jessica greets fans with a SelCa picture from their photo shoot

Girls' Generation's Jessica is here to greet fans with her adorable self-camera picture along with her sweet message!

"Hello everyone it's Jessica.  It's already gotten cooler and it smells like autumn ^^ How are you all doing? (laughs) I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the Tokyo Dome concert in December, but I'm also anticipating SMTown. I can't wait for the pink ocean in Ajinomoto Stadium, where we haven't performed yet.  This is me the other day at the filming set!! It's a picture of me getting ready in hair and make up for the photo shoot♪  In order to show everyone even more wonderful performances and a better SNSD, we'll try our best so please support us. ^^  Please be careful not to catch a cold♥"~

Meanwhile, SNSD will be releasing their 'The Best' New Edition album this October.

SMEntertainment Japan

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