All SNSD members have renewed their contract to SMEntertainment!

When Girls' Generation said that they want to stay together forever, the girls really meant it!

That means we didn't have to worry about what will happen when their contracts expires because it is definite that they will just be renewing it.  That being said, here's a great news for those who are still in doubt.

On September 15th, it was revealed that SNSD members have all renewed their contracts with SMEntertainment last month even before it expired, extending it for the next three years.

One insider also stated, "All of the Girls' Generation members finished their contract extention early on. After the girls finished group promotions in the first half of the year, now they're all busy with unit promotions. Also, it's important for the girls and the labels to keep the contract a secret. This is why the girls didn't really talk about the renewal and kept promoting naturally."


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