Check out TaeYeon and SNSD's cuts from jTBC's 'Hidden Singer'

Hidden Singer's episode featuring Taeyeon has been finally aired!

For those who missed our posts before, jTBC's 'Hidden Singer' is a show where they feature an artist along with other impersonators or participants who can sing the same way as the original artist.  Each of them will be hidden inside a booth, and it will be the task of the audience to guess on who among them is the original singer.

In this episode it will be Taeyeon who will be singing with other participants while the other SNSD members will be joining the audience to guess.  You can also try guessing too, so have fun and check out the cuts below~

Managed to guess all four rounds?  Here's your bonus, as Taeyeon has shared this next photo from TaeTiSeo's 'Holler' showcase.

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