YoonA has arrived to show her support for TaeTiSeo!

First was Red Velvet, second was SooYoung, and now TaeTiSeo's 3rd supporter has arrived!

That would be the lovely YoonA, and here she is in Tiffany's adorable video update where she wrote "Our 3rd guest is... our Yoongie!!!! #YOONASCAKEDELIVERY #YoongieCakeDelivery #SOCUTE"~

Video Conversation:
YoonA: TaeTiSeo-nim! The cake you ordered is here~
SeoHyun: We didn't order anything.
YoonA: Uhh... But Tiffany-ssi ordered it... Tiffany-ssi!!
Tiffany: Thank you~
YoonA: I came to cheer you all on~
Seohyun: Ah unnie! Why are you so bad at acting?!

Tiffany's Instagram

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