Check out the pictures and BTS video from Krystal's 'High Cut' magazine pictorial

Following Krystal's pictures for 'Jill Stuart' before, she is now back to promote the brand through her latest magazine shoot.

That would be for 'High Cut' magazine, and here are Krystal's photos and behind the scene video from her pictorial~

Through her interview, Krystal talked about her new look by saying, "I always wanted to change my hair, but I was scared to. Now, I got a good excuse. Everyone looks kinder when they have bangs. That's what I aimed for".

Krystal also stated, "If I want to date, I think I could start one even right now. It's not that I'm not in a relationship because of my work. But I really don't think I'd date publicly", when she was asked about dating.  

Regarding about her, being more popular to women than men, she said, "I know I'm popular more among women than men. Most of my fansite members are unnis. It's to the point that when I see phrases like 'Soojung-noona', I think, 'Huh? It's a guy [fan]'".

Akp,HighCut Magazine

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