Jessica releases her official statement regarding the conflict with SMEntertainment

There are always two sides to every story, and after we heard SMEntertainment's side yesterday, Jessica has now finally released her own statement.

Here is the official statement from Jessica~

"Hello, this is Jessica.

On September 29, I was told by the company to leave SNSD, and I couldn′t hide my confusion and pain, so I decided to reveal my stance.

During my time as a SNSD member, SNSD promotions have always been my top priority ahead of my personal life or business. But despite my hard work and dedication to the team, I was given notice to leave the team from the company.

Since the beginning stages of the business preparations until recently, I have sufficiently discussed and received understanding from SM and the members on more than one occasion.

From early August and until the BLANC launching, I received agreement and permission to do business at the same time, and began my business while receiving congratulations from the members.

However, a month after the launching, the members suddenly changed their stances early September and called a meeting, and without a proper reason, told me to either quit my business or leave SNSD.

I explained that I received permission from the company, have never carelessly carried out SNSD promotions, and cannot stop the business within one month of BLANC′s launching due to a business contract with a partner .

As a result, I appealed that making me choose was an unreasonable request. Becoming a SNSD member was the greatest thing in my life and I have never thought about quitting.

Still shocked, I visited the company CEO on September 16 and explained my position and I received permission once again to continue my business on the side from the company at that place.

However, I received an one-sided notification on September 29 from the company to leave SNSD. Due to this, I was unable to participate in the fan meeting event in Shenzhen, China on September 30, which was the following day. I′ve also been taken out of all SNSD activities.

More than anything, I was greatly hurt and couldn′t hide my sorrow after being told to leave SNSD by my company and members, with whom I′ve poured out my passion and affection for more than 15 years, just because I started a business.

I want to apologize for causing much worry to the fans even though it wasn′t my intention to do. I want to ask for your understanding that this situation isn′t something that I wanted. I have always cherished SNSD and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for always supporting me with no end and loving me.

Jessica Jung
October 1, 2014"


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