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Showing her gratitude to Seohyun who paid a visit on the set of 'My Spring Days' last week, here is Sooyoung who wrote, "The first to visit from Girls' Generation, our maknae Seo Hyun ^^ she watched with curious eyes, and approached sunbaenim and said "What are you saying~" (a line from My Spring Days) and all staff gazed at Seo Hyun with motherly smiles. Our passionate watcher maknae, thank you and I love you. #CelebrityCameToOurWard #SeoHyun".

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Aside from that, Sooyoung also thanked her senior by saying, "Kim Min Jong sunbaenim sent us a truck full of snacks! I get tears for your love and care for this hoobae. We will enjoy the food, and finish the filming with strength! Hwaiiting for your drama The Door of Secret! #kimminjong #smtown #myspringday".

Sooyoung also showed her playful side as she shared, "Pooreunee who is scared to go to the bathroom alone because of mannequins. And our cute Seungminee."

"#JustMarried #WeddingCar #MySpringDay #BomDong #KangDongHa #LeeBomi"

On another note, Sooyoung also expressed her grief over the death of singer-songwriter Shin Hae-chul who died because of a heart attack. She wrote, "Thank you for leaving us with good music.. I will not forget them. My condolences.. Rest in peace."

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