TaeTiSeo got their 2nd 'Holler' win on this week's M!Countdown!

M!Countdown didn't have a live broadcast today, October 2, but they have revealed who topped their chart for this week.

So who won this week's chart? Of course it's no other than TaeTiSeo with their latest track titled 'Holler'.  TaeTiSeo also won last week, and this is their 2nd win from M!Countdown.  

Below is their video where you can see some behind the scenes from last week's show followed by the announcement of this week's winner, and TaeTiSeo accepting their 2nd trophy~

Taeyeon expressed, "TaeTiSeo won 1st place two consecutive weeks with 'Holler'" while Tiffany added, "We will continue to show a better performance on stage," followed by Seohyun who said, "Thank you for everything."  Taeyeon then ended it with, "Please anticipate more of TaeTiSeo".

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