TaeTiSeo received a Style Icon Award and performed 'Holler' at the '2014 SIA'

After seeing TaeTiSeo at the red carpet event, here's more of  the lovely trio from the 2014 Style Icon Awards.

During the show, TaeTiSeo was awarded a style icon award for being a "Role model for all unit groups".  Upon receiving it, Tiffany expressed their gratitude by saying, "First, thank you OnStyle for inviting us to this awesome award ceremony.  Thank you to the production team behind 'The Taetiseo' for allowing us to show all sides to ourselves" She ended it by saying, "And to those who make us shine the brightest, SONE, thank you."

You can watch them receiving the award in the next video.

After that, TaeTiSeo also graced the awards show with their 'Holler' performance.

'Holler' MPD Camera

Congratulations TaeTiSeo!

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