Tiffany and SeoHyun thanks everyone for supporting 'Holler'

TaeTiSeo's 'Holler' promotions has officially ended with their performance in this week's Inkigayo.

Following Taeyeon earlier, it's now Tiffany and Seohyun's turn to express their gratitude to everyone who supported them.  Check out their photos below as Tiffany expressed, "#GOODBYEHOLLER Thanks again to every single person who helped putting this album together & to the fans who bring the best out in us no matter what♥ #unconditional love to #Sone * (photos- #THISMORNING #3RDYEARS #TTS)"~

While Seohyun also expressed, "Tae! Ti! Seo! Holler~!! To the last broadcast~ We wrapped up happily~~ All the fans who cheered us on!! Very, very, very thankful for you ♡ These are scenes from TaeTiSeo's rehearsal you guys haven't seen yet!!ㅋㅋ Hello~ We are Taeyeon!Tiffany!Seohyun~~ㅋㅋ"~

Seohyun and Tiffany's SNS

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