Girls' Generation celebrates Yuri's Birthday!

The celebration continues for Kwon Yuri's birthday!

Following the playful greetings of her fellow SNSD members earlier, here are the photos from their celebration which they did during their rehearsal for their upcoming concert in Japan on December 9~

"Sunny: You smile/laugh well, make others laugh well, express things well, are good at being happy, good at romancing, and good at touching people's hearts.. good at everything, kwon yuri!! do better when i'm still taking care of youㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ anyway. i love you. Happy birthday my lover♡ #HAPPYYURIDAY #BFF"

"Seohyun: Happy birthday YulUnnie♡
#ThePictureFullOfMyHeart #YuriUnnieHappyBirthday"

"Seohyun: Happy birthday Yuri unnie ♡ #Thisistherealpicㅋㅋ#HappybirthdayYuriunnie ♡"

Sunny and Seohyun's Instagram

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