SNSD members thanks fans for attending their 'The Best Live at Tokyo Dome' concert

SNSD's concert at Tokyo Dome was successfully held yesterday, and the members are here to thank fans and show their appreciation for those who came to watch the concert.

Check out the updates from Tiffany, TaeYeon, Yuri, SooYoung, and SeoHyun below~

"Tiffany: Tonight is a night that i will #treasure in my heart #forever. thank you to my girls, every single person on the production staff/crew who helped make such an extraordinary show, &MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU GUYS!! THE FANS!!!!! #Sone I am soo grateful&thankful to have you in my life. thank you for always making all my wishes come true #unforgettable #GGTOKYODOME"

"TaeYeon: I think people who didn't get to see today's concert will regret it a lot. the feeling and mood really can't be expressed.. Thank you so much for letting me feel these emotions, SONE! #GG #TOKYODOME #soshiufo #GGTheBestLive #1209"

"Yuri: The reason I exist . I'll never forget it in this lifetime; I'm grateful and thank you #1209 #TokyoDomeconcert #GirlsGeneration"

"Sooyoung: #pinkocean I'm sleepless because this dazzles my eyes. Thank you for the wonderful memories. The real hero of this stage is you❤ #tokyodome"


"Seohyun: The Tokyo Dome concert finished well today!!♡Thank you to those who came for creating a precious memory~~This day was like a dream!!^^I love you~I love you~I love you♡ #GirlsGeneration #TokyoDomeconcert #Iloveyou"

"Seohyun: Girls' Generation The Best Live at Tokyo Dome!!!!! It was amazing~!!!thank u sooooooooooo much!!love you all~~♡"

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