SNSD SeoHyun and her group photos with the cast of 'Gone with the Wind' Musical

Busy preparing for her 'Gone with the Wind' Musical, here is SNSD's SeoHyun together with her cast members.

Check out their group photo below where she shared, "Tada!! Thanks to the fans who gave us lunch, we were able to practice with more strength today~!^^You must have suffered a lot in this cold weather..thank you really♡ We ate very deliciously well~~ All of the GWTW family spent a happy dinner time^^#GonewiththeWind #GWTW #Seohyun #Scarlett"~

"Thanks to this support filled with love and care, GWTW family had smiles on their lips♡Thank you very very much~~^^Dugeun dugeun!! 5 days left until the play~!! Everyone's going to come and watch right~?^^#GonewiththeWind #gonewithewind #GWTW #Seohyun #Scarlett #Seocarlett (Dugeun dugeun: sounds of a heart beating)"

Seohyun's Instagram

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