Check out the adorable updates from SNSD's SooYoung

SNSD's SooYoung is here to charm fans with her adorable updates!

Let's start with her SelCa where she added, "Which floor is the person who ordered chicken on? You can't do this. It feels like cheating... It's like they're using the elevator to attack me. Especially while I'm on my #wayhomefromwork."

Followed by, "Acting pretty is always embarrassing. This is back when we were practicing for #tokyodome #wearetheshowgirls".

Then SooYoung also posted a snapshot from SeoHyun's special stage with S.E.S. and shared, "Ah, my shoulders are dancing and I'm getting happy too. I'm proud of our Seohyun who is standing shoulder to shoulder with huge sunbaenims. ❤️ I should've gone to watch in the audience!!! Looking forward to next week!! #ToToGa #InfiniteChallenge #SES".

You can watch SeoHyun's performance with S.E.S. here.

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