SNSD SooYoung flaunts her hair in her adorable SelCa picture

Here to show off her cool hair is SNSD's lovely SooYoung!

Take a look at her adorable photo below where she revealed, "It's not a hairpiece; It's my real hair; my head is heavy; My arms are heavy when I dry my hair; Some time ago I was brushing my hair and Taengoo said this.."Soo..Sooyoung.You look cool.." It's not envy or that I had so much hair but she said I was cool..My heart fluttered by her undeniable confession of love; take some of my hair TaeYeon".

The cuteness doesn't stop there as SooYoung also shared, "Why are you guys like this; should I take you guys too?".

"Advance Merry Christmas^^ Cupcakes I received today he.he 
thanks to this one SONE's cute heart who prepared each design meticulously^^ 
It's a pity not to eat this~!! #ateitrightassoonasitookthepicture"

Sooyoung's Instagram

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