SNSD SooYoung reminds fans to be careful of catching a cold

SNSD's SooYoung is here to remind fans to stay healthy.

Check out her latest self-camera picture below where she expressed, "It's cold so my nose turned red (lol) Everyone watch out for colds(・Д・)ノ See you on the 9th❤#tokyodome #mynoseisredbecauseitscold #acallfromSantaClausmightcome"~

Following that, SooYoung also shared a clip showing SNSD members having a great time as you can hear from their laughter.

"Sooyoung: #IWorkedOutMyAbsBecauseofYou #IThinkMyStomachIsGoingToSplit #EndlessLaughter"

Sooyoung's Instagram

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