SNSD SooYoung won the Female Excellence Award from the 2014 MBC Drama Awards

SooYoung Female Excellence Award
It's a wonderful night for SNSD's SooYoung and her fans!

After performing a Latin dance to the tune of 'Bang Bang', SooYoung was also awarded the Female Excellence Award in the mini-series category for her drama 'My Spring Days'.

Happily accepting her award, you can watch SooYoung's cuts below~

Congratulations Choi SooYoung!

Showing their support, TaeYeon and Sunny also expressed...

"TaeYeon: Looks like Rapunzel #Sooyoung #SpringDayOfMyLife #Goddess"

"Sunny: Beautiful girl in tears...zoom in ♥"

Sunny and Taeyeon's Instagram

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