SNSD's Sunny won the Rookie Radio DJ Award from the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards

SNSD's Sunny went home with a big smile after attending the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards.

That's because she has been awarded the Rookie Radio DJ Award for her radio show 'FM Date'.

Check out her clips and pictures below~

Congratulations Sunny!

Sunny also expressed, "I'm so so thankful that I don't even know how to express it anymore. FM Date listener family members who worked hard to fill in [the empty spaces] of the lacking DJ, the staff who I'm always sorry to for making you nervous every live broadcast, my family who supported me more than anyone and always monitored [the broadcasts], also my snsd members that i love, and my reliable people, SONE fans.. thanks to you, i was acknowledged as a DJ in just 230 days, and i will accept this as a way of telling me to work harder. i will become a good DJ that won't let this award go to waste, and i will follow my great seniors who created this road for me, and fill in 2 hours a day valuably. Thank you".

Meanwhile, TaeYeon and SooYoung who watched at home also congratulated Sunny by saying...

"SooYoung:  Sunny is pretty. Sunny-yah, congrats^^ 
Can I start addressing you as unnie next year onwards?❤️#SunnysFMdate #Sunny"

"TaeYeon: #HomeCam #Sunny #SunnyFMdate #Goddess"

Sunny, Taeyeon and Sooyoung Instagram

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