Check out SNSD's pictures and messages from their 'The Best Live' at Tokyo Dome concert

After watching SNSD's fancams, here's more from their 'Girls' Generation 'The Best Live' at Tokyo Dome concert.

You can browse their photos from the concert along with the messages from the members below~


from. TaeYeon — Being able to perform at the Tokyo Dome.. Because it isn't a common opportunity, all the members promised to enjoy it to the fullest, and thanks to that, I was able to perform more tension than usual. I was happy at every moment

from. SooYoung — We were able to perform at the dream-like Tokyo Dome was thanks to all of our fans. When I was younger, I promoted in Japan, so I know how difficult of a thing it is. When I think about when I promoted in Japan by myself, I've been able to make my dream come true for the first time in 12 years. The members with me were precious, and I was grateful for the fans who gave us love. The concert venue was so large that I didn't know what we should do. But the moment we got on stage, my nervousness went away. Might it have been because the 50,000 fans all felt like family that we were able to have fun performing? It felt like a gathering of people who that we've seen for a really long time. Thank you so much for letting us make history!

from. SeoHyun — The last 4 years of our Japan activities went by in a flash. Our dream stage that we've constantly dreamed about after debuting in Japan, I still can't believe that we've performed at the Tokyo Dome. It's unbelievable that we've received this much love from a country that's not our homeland, and I'm happy and grateful. I think Girls' Generation could develop and grow thanks to the support and love from fans at every tour. I wanted to repay all the people who always trusted and loved us with a good concert. But it feels like we've received a gift from fans through this concert as well. Us being able to stand on this stage, and being able to fill the venue is thanks to you all. I want to thank you again for creating a valuable, unforgettable memory. With the infinite amount of love from fans, we will work non-stop to show the same infinite amount of love, and show a greater us. I love you all!

from. Yuri — I won't ever forget that we were able to share the memory of the Tokyo Dome concert, that we've dreamed of and wanted so much, with SONEs that we love. Thank you so much for giving us this gift, and I love you! We will work hard to continue to present you even more meaningful days ^^

from. YoonA — I'm really happy Girls' Generation was able to have a solo concert at the dream-like Tokyo Dome. As expected, I was overflowing with energy when I saw the pink lights that filled [the venue], which couldn't all be seen at once~ It really was a day that I will remember forever, and thank you so much to the fans who showed us a big amount of love!

from. Tiffany — It was like a dream being able to have a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome for the first time. It was a shame it was only one concert, but I'm thankful for all the members who worked hard, our staff, and the fans who filled the Tokyo Dome with pink lights. It was a day where everything felt like a present. On that day, it felt like I had become Beyonce? ㅎㅎ;; ^^ Thank you, everyone!

from. HyoYeon — It was such an honor being able to stand on the large stage that is the Tokyo Dome for Girls' Generation's solo concert. I was able to feel the passion and love the fans had for Girls' Generation. Thank you so so much, SONE

from. Sunny — It felt like being hugged by 50,000 fans. I was really glad, happy, and felt really disappointed because I wanted to show an even better concert. If we get another opportunity, let's have an even happier time



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