SNSD's YoonA will play the lead role in the Chinese historical drama 'God of War Zhao Yun'

Soon, Girls' Generation's YoonA will be meeting fans once again through a drama.

It will be for a Chinese drama this time around, as it has been announced that she has been cast as the female lead of the upcoming historical Chinese drama titled 'Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long' (God of War Zhao Yun).  The drama would be about the hero named Zhao Zi Long who appears in the Chinese novel Romance of Three Kingdoms, depicting the story of war, love and growth set during the late Eastern Han dynasty period.

YoonA will be playing the character 'Xia Hou Jing' who is an attractive woman with a bright personality, she falls in love with 'Zhao Zi Long' but falls into confusion after finding out that he killed her father. Meanwhile, Zhao Zi Long's character will be portrayed by Lin Gengxin who is one of the top stars in China.

They will start filming in January of 2015, and the drama is expected to air through Hunan TV in August.


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