SNSD YoonA thanks fans with her adorable SelCa picture

Greeting everyone, Girls' Generation's YoonA is here to thank all the fans who attended their Fan Party in China.

Check out her adorable self-camera picture below where she added, "I am Im Pang-pang*~ I'm back from the fanmeeting in China~ As usual, thanks to the passionate cheering from SONE, it seems like I've come back after receiving plenty of energy.  I'll always be strong!! Thank you very very much~ Let's meet again~ zai jian❤ *Thanks for all the cute "Yoong yoongs"^^"~

*Pang-pang = Mandarin for plump
(The nickname her Chinese fans gave her because she's too thin and they hope she gets more plump)
*Yoong yoongs = the "융" LED lights her fans hold during their fan party


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