SeoHyun thanks Tiffany and other friends who watched her 'Gone with the wind' musical

Together with Tiffany, SeoHyun is here to thank all her friends who went to watch 'Gone with the wind' last night.

Check out their lovely and adorable pictures below~

"Our Fany unnie~♡ who came and supported Seocarlett yesterday~^^ as expected, loyalty!!ㅎbecause unnie was here too, I had greater strength and happiness to perform~~I'm very very thankful towards to unnie's heartfelt support and compliment..ㅜㅜㅎ during this period when Scarlett O'hara is alive, I'll be more grateful and continue to enjoy the process!!love you♡ #tiffany #seohyun #gonewithewind #gonewiththewind"

"Sookyung unnie couple who came to see the performance yesterday~ along a with akdong musician chanhyukie and suhyunnie!^^ I feel really good because you said you had a fun time wacthing~ㅎthank you very very much♡ I really like akdong musician's music~ i will try support you in the future!!^^ #AkdongMusician #GoneWithTheWind #Seohyun"

"Unknowingly we have been together for 13 years already.. ㅎㅎyou always by my side and giving stable strength to me Hwanhee-ah~♡ really really thank you and i love you♡ you know my heart right?? #Hwanhee #Seohyun #GoneWithTheWind #Friendship "

Tiffany went to watch 'Gone with the wind' last night, and you can check out her photo updates here as well.

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