Check out the New Year's greetings from Girls' Generation

The New Year greetings from Girls' Generation continues following their adorable videos earlier.

Check out their short but sweet messages below~

"SeoHyun: Time really flies~!! A heart fluttering new year has come. Even more memories and precious times are waiting~!! I hope only good things happen in the new year. Happy new year!!!!!!!!"

"SooYoung: Like a gentle lamb, I hope everything in 2015 goes smoothly."

"Sunny: SONE!! 2015’s only going to be filled with good things. Let’s be happy~ I love you"

"TaeYeon: 2015!! Happy new year. SONE and Soshi, getting older together. Let’s continue to love each other more! I love you SONE!"

"Tiffany: Good things come to those who wait♥ Good thins are coming! Happy New Year"

"Yoona: Always be healthy in 2015! And I hope you have an even happier year!! 
Thank you^^ Happy new year"

"Yuri: 2015, have a happy new year, and I hope everything you wish for comes true."

"HyoYeon: So.Nyuh.Shi.Dae. It’s 2015, a new year!! 
I hope your year is filled with nothing but good things~! Happy new year!"


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