SNSD SeoHyun greets fans as 'Gone with the Wind' musical's Scarlett

Wearing her outfit as Scarlett of  'Gone with the Wind' musical, here's the beautiful and talented maknae of Girls' Generation.

Take a look at SeoHyun's photos below where she expressed, "Yesterday was the first performance of Gone with the Wind! To everyone who came to watch the preview~ Thank you very very much^^ I will show you an even better performance in the remaining shows~! Please come watch it lots, heh. Hope every actor does well and that no one gets hurt in today performance, fighting!!♡ #gonewithewind #scarlett #seocarlett #seohyun"~

"I really like the scent of the flowers~~ Thank you so much once again^^♡ 
Fighting for the remaining performances!!^^ #gonewiththewind #seohyun"

Seohyun's Instagram

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