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After mesmerizing us through her lovely pictures, it's now time to get to know more about Girls' Generation's SooYoung through her interview from NYLON magazine.

Check out her amusing interview below~


Open your eyes wide from now on. SNSD Sooyoung's closet doors are wide open!

Q: In today's photoshoot, most of the outfits that appear are your clothes, Sooyoung. We heard you are donating all of these clothes to benefit the visually impaired. How did you come to have such praiseworthy thoughts?
SooYoung: My father helps run a campaign that fights blindness for people suffering from a rare disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). With the help of many people over the years, we raised enough money for research to begin and this year, the Seoul University hospital ophthalmology department will start clinical research for stem cells, specifically for RP patients. I was very thrilled so I wanted to find a way that I could help, which led me to host a bazaar using items found inside of my closet.

Q: Tell us where it will take place and how.
SooYoung: It will be at the Heartist House in Samcheongdong on February 1. We'll have items from my closet as well as treasures from fellow celebrities up for auction. For my clothes, I chose items that made an appearance as airport fashion. If you were ever curious about my airport fashion looks, please visit that day.

Q: In your opinion, what do you think is the hidden item at this bazaar?
SooYoung: My first big fashion purchase was a Burberry Prorsum mouton jacket, but I've barely worn it so it's as if it's new. There is also an outfit that made news as one of the first airport fashion. I wore a grey jacket with a sequined, flower pattern skirt. I'm planning to sell that skirt. Other than that I think the Theyskens' Theory leather jacket and motorcycle boots, as well as my favourite sneakers will be popular.

Q: Of the SNSD members, you are known as a member who has a lot of interest in fashion, along with Tiffany. Is there a designer or fashion label that has caught your eyes recently?
SooYoung: These days, I think Acne Studio's Jonny Johansson and MSGM's Massimo Giorgetti are the best. I like French style so Isabel Marant is a brand that I have favoured for a long time now. Recently, I also like Japanese brands like Yaeca and CABANE de ZUCCa. As time goes by, I like comfortable clothes more.

Q: What type of item takes up the most room in your closet?
SooYoung: I recently opened my drawers and have been surprised by the number of white T-shirts I own. I had several drawers filled with white T-shirts of varying sleeve length, neck line and materials. Personally, I think innerwear determines the overall fit. And typically, white T-shirts are not burdensome in price so I think I end up keep buying them.

Q: According to Alexander Wang, people who are well-dressed on their off days are the ones who dress well. (His famous quote is: "Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.") What do you wear on days when you don't have a schedule?
SooYoung: Sweatshirt and jeans. I wear a biker jacket or oversized coat on top. For shoes, I mostly wear comfortable sneakers. On the days I want to dress up a bit more, I wear a leather skirt with a printed sweatshirt and match the leggings and a slip-on. On special days like this, I carry a mini bag.

Q: If you could name one woman who dresses well?
SooYoung: Charlotte Gainsbourg. More so than dressing well, I think it's important to show off your own personal ambience. Gainsbourg is like that.

Q: Recently, 1990s fashion has been getting attention again. Is there an icon from the 1990s that you like?
SooYoung: By far, it's Kate Moss. Even now, I look up Kate Moss's paparazzi looks. She is still cool but 1990s Kate was the best. Unisex mood and straight denim. Makeup-less real face is a style that she created.

Q: Is there an old trend that you'd like to see back?
SooYoung: I was happy to see suspender pants coming back, which were fads when I was in elementary school. If super curly perm hair came back on top of this, I wouldn't wish for anything more. I like Meg Ryan's short cut perm hair and I think the hairstyle from the movie with curly bangs would be cute too. If it doesn't affect the concept of our next album, I want to try it right away.

Q: These days, there are various fashion programs but if you could create your own, what type of program would you attempt?
SooYoung: A program where you travel around the world to understand the local trends and then you coach people on the "real" way. I want to see trends in New York, Paris or Milan, where collections are born, and I want to teach people how they can wear those looks. I feel like collections become monopolies of fashion people. Wouldn't the fashion program become one that you can study, experiment and research?

Q: Is there a single item that you think you can wear for life?
SooYoung: Not long ago, I bought an oversized black coat. The length almost reaches my ankles. It looks like a coat that my mom used to wear in the 1980s or the suit coat that my dad pulls out every winter. If you match with blue jeans and sneakers, I feel like a boy and if you match with high-waisted pants or skirt and stiletto, I turn into a career woman.

Q: Is there an item that you've been eyeing in 2015 S/S collections?
SooYoung: Knee length skirts. I'm starting to get tired of blue jeans. If I say this, I'm sure my mom will scold me. She'll ask what I'll do with all of the blue jeans I have in my closet.

Q: The reason why you can wear any clothes so perfectly must be because of your tall height and skinny body line? Do you have a special method for maintaining a shape that fits 44 size perfectly? (Korean size 44 = XS; US 0-2; UK 4; Europe 32)
SooYoung: I feel like people will think I'm absurd, but I don't gain weight. Through exercise, I try to maintain enough muscle.

Q: You must have times when you do your own makeup? Give us makeup tips for Valentine's Day.
SooYoung: Do a thin and transparent layer of foundation on your skin and add loveliness with a peach tone shadow and cream blusher. For eyes, add a touch of eyeliner and apply mascara lightly. Normally, I don't wear makeup but when I go to the airport, I put on 'courtesy makeup'. After applying mascara, I use a one-time use iron to prevent clumping. I usually heat up a wooden cotton swab or skewers you find in the kitchen, and it's very effective.

Q: Last year, you succeeded as an actor. Is there a character you'd like to attempt?
SooYoung: A selfish woman who exists in reality and is not overly dramatic. Not a woman who openly behaves badly but a woman who appears normal but has a mean streak. If you look at their behaviour, they're nasty but should I say a character that you can relate to because you feel like you've been that person before? My wish as an actor is, if I have a chance, I would like to participate in a piece by writer Noh Hee-Kyung.

Q: Is there something you'd like to conquer in 2015?
SooYoung: Swimming! My name is "soo young" but I can't swim. (In Korean, "soo young" means swim.)

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