TaeYeon and Tiffany thanks fans through their lovely photos

SNSD's Tiffany and TaeYeon are here to thank fans after receiving Girls' Generation's popularity award from the 29th Golden Disk Awards.

Take a look at their lovely photos below where Tiffany expressed, "Fendi princesses tonight in our room at the #goldendiskawards see you on the red carpet with Seohyun tomorrow #Sone"~

Followed by TaeYeon who added, "Thank you SONE I've missed you #GoldenDisk #SONE".

"Tiffany: Popularity Award = SONE's cant believe you guys win EVERY YEAR !!!! #SONE still have it in them thank you to all our fans who voted for us !! In 2015 as well, it's Girls' Generation "

Taeyeon and Tiffany's Instagram

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