Check out the charming SelCa pictures of Girls' Generation's Yuri

It's a beautiful day, and Girls' Generation's Yuri is here to make it more wonderful!

That would be through her lovely and charming self-camera pictures which you can see below~


"Last year"

"Dating Alone is really fun. Thank you to the staff who prettily edits in great detail and to the boyfriends who is immersed while working hard #Yurisline#metoo I remember I picked many times#itshardformetoo#stormperiodofstress"

"I was so happy to be able to share my love for yoga^^  #kbsstaffwhocastedme #teachernadiawhohelpedme #teachertao #teacherHanwhogavemeacall #thankyou"

Yuri's Instagram,Weibo

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