SeoHyun snapped adorable photos with TaeYeon and HyoYeon at the backstage of 'Gone with the wind' musical

snsd taeyeon seohyun
Following her photo with HyoYeon, here comes more of SeoHyun together with TaeYeon and HyoYeon who went to watch her 'Gone with the wind' musical.

Check out their adorable pictures below~

"Our taeng unnie who came to watch the performance not too long ago~~ㅎㅎ 
Thanks to her, my mood went up!! I was so happy~!! 
For cheering me on so much, thank you very very much unnie♡
#Taeyeon #Seohyun #Taeng #GoneWithTheWind"
taeyeon and seohyun

You can also check out SeoHyun's pictures with other friends below.

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